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The Scoop on Coconuts

The discerning North American palate tends to prefer the Brazilian variety of coconut water.

COCO’s quality Brazilian coconut water is harvested and bottled at 6 months; at its nutritional peak.

Coconut water contains the same electrolyte balance as human blood and also contains the sugars and vitamins that the body needs to naturally hydrate. COCO the Natural Drink is low in acidity, cholesterol free, fat free and there is no added sugar.

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Nutritional Facts:

Our Natural coconut water contains the following, per 330ml serving: calories (60), fat (0g), cholessterol (0g), sodium (55mg -2%), potassium (650mg – 18%), carbohydrate (15g – 5%), sugars (15g), protine (0g), vitamin C (180%), calcium (5%), phosphorous (5%), magnesium (5%)


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Nurtured by Nature ... Your Body Will Crave It!